It has always been difficult for me to describe who I am and express how I feel, that is why art has been my expression. ‘Metamorphosis of Me’ embodies what my artwork is meant to symbolize.

Let’s define the word ‘Metamorphosis’ = the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form. A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

We are ever evolving beings and acknowledging this natural transformation allows me to strive to be the best me I can be.

Exploring the Birth of MetameArt

I have been obsessed with drawing and coloring since I was a child growing up in the bay area. The neighborhood I lived in was considered “rough” so I wasn’t allowed to go outside and play as a kid much. I had to keep myself occupied indoors. So once the boredom set in from roller-skating back and forth in the small hallway, “playing Barbies”, and watching reruns of ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’ and ‘star trek’ I was itching for something to do that was more creative.

From the time my Daddy presented me with a recycled ice cream bucket of broken oil pastels and a stack of drawing paper an energetic spark hit me and I have happily never recovered. He took the time to teach me the basic coloring skills and essential realism drawing skills such as how to draw a face using the word ‘boy’, arms, legs, and what he correctly deemed the most difficult body part to draw… a hand; He was so right!


Exhibit A - One of my attempts at realism drawing of a hand from around the year 2000.

I was awestruck by the creative possibilities after beginning to advance these skills. All the things I could create with art supplies and paper blew my mind… I was hooked! I’d draw and color something new every hour and would run to my Daddy and say “look!” He’d always pretend to be so impressed which encouraged me to continue to harass him with my dozens of what I thought were realism drawings which looking at them now are more like cartoon interpretations of imaginary people. 


Exhibit B - Old school drawings I held onto from the mid 90s’. My “realistic” cartoons….

I then explored art classes and learned technical skills as well as how to create expressionistic drawings, how to use different mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, oil paint and pastel pencils. I gravitated toward acrylic paint and maintained my love for using oil pastels. My most current work displays primarily these mediums as well as marker and at times I get obsessed with glitter.

Throughout my teenage years, I thought my art skills sat on realism. Simply drawing exactly what I see with accurate measurements, shading and color matching. I’d take images from magazines and try to draw them exactly as I saw them. If I got a shape of the eye wrong or a color shading was off, I’d start all over and try again.

One day after watching ‘Gone with the Wind’ for the 100th time as a child I decided to draw my version of Scarlet O'Hara sitting with her hands resting on the knees of her dress and after I proudly completed the portrait I didn’t realize I drew her with two left thumbs! Guess who pointed it out to me? My Daddy. He loved it and was so impressed that I began intentionally making tiny quirky “mistakes” to my portraits until finally I gave up trying to make everything look perfect and began to express freedom through my artwork moving away from the technical accuracy and more into the fantasy surrealism lane. What a huge release mentally and spiritually… It put me on another level. I never looked back and my unique style began to develop from there.


My Daddy…

…my teacher, my love, my angel

My concept of transformation (metamorphosis) and the meaning of growth, expansion and change created my first artist name title ‘Metamorphosis of Me’ which I began to tag in all my art pieces and social media. I became obsessed with butterflies and fairies and their dynamic qualities. Nature remains a constant inspiration through exploring hiking trails and bodies of water wherever I travel. My ethnic identity inspires my love and passion for expressing the natural beauty of women.

Our strength, courage and wisdom inspire every piece that I create. I’ve taken these elements and brought them together in every piece. I want my art to inspire and heighten the viewers own sense of self love as it does my own.

Mahalo for taking the time to get to know me a bit.

Happy exploring loves.